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Tenant Information - Application Forms

An application form will be provided at the viewing of a property. All questions on the application form must be completed in there entirety.

Supporting information must accompany your application form. Each applicant must provide the following:-

Photo Identification – Current passport, photographic driving licence.
Current or Previous Landlord Reference – If you are a home owner a recent mortgage statement.
Employer’s Reference
Professional Character Reference
Proof of Income – Wage slips, proof of benefits etc
Last 3 months bank statements
2 recent utility bills

Any additional information you may wish to provide can only assist your application.

All individuals 18 years and over must be named on the Tenancy Agreement.

An incomplete application will not be sent to the landlord for approval.

Once an application has been approved by the landlord of the property it is always subject to a full credit and referencing check, which is carried out by an independent referencing company.

If a guarantor is required for your tenancy, their acceptance as a guarantor will also be subject to a full credit and referencing check

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