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Landlord Information - Renting a Property Furnished or Unfurnished

If you decide to rent your property out as furnished, we recommend that you do not furnish it with expensive or valuable items; however it is not acceptable to furnish the property with old items or car boot sale products.

It is important to remember the Furniture and Furnishings Regulation Act, when choosing items with which to furnish your property.

If you furnish your property prior to renting out, during the period of a tenancy if an item breaks, fails to work or develops a fault it is your responsibility and obligation to repair or replace the item.

If an item is deliberately damaged by a tenant through misuse or abuse, you can expect the tenant to have the item repaired or replaced at their own expense.

Unfurnished properties do tend to be the most popular choice for people looking to rent property.
Even though a property is unfurnished it is the norm for the landlord to ensure there is floor covering, a cooker and some form of window hanging i.e. curtains or blinds provided in the property.

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