Repairs & Maintenance

At some time during the rental of your property, repairs and maintenance may be required.

Mapleleaf Letting Centre will notify you of these problems at the earliest possible opportunity.

You may choose to instruct your own qualified work person to attend to the repair required. If however you do not have your own contractors Mapleleaf Letting Centre can instruct qualified experienced contractors on your behalf. The contractors Mapleleaf Letting Centre use are happy to provide estimates free of charge for any work that may be required.

Most problems, repairs or maintenance can be resolved quickly, however if an emergency problem does occur and we cannot contact you, Mapleleaf Letting Centre will authorise a contractor to carry out the necessary emergency work, to prevent unnecessary damage to your property through a delay in action.

It is important for you, your property and your tenant that all repairs are quickly resolved.

As a landlord it is important to remember that you have a statute obligation, as indicated in the Landlord and Tenant Act, to ensure that your property is well maintained.

Tenants do have rights, and if you fail to carry out necessary repairs they can contact the Environmental Health Department. Once the Environmental Health Department get involved they can implement an “Enforcement Order” which may include extra repairs and work required resulting in much higher costs to you